You’re starting a Switchboard, and we’re absolutely thrilled for you.  Congrats!  This will be a meaningful endeavor that will benefit the community greatly, and we are ready to get things underway.

To bring your Switchboard to life, there are a few actions items that need to be completed for us to build your actual Switchboard.  

  1. Fill out this intake form.  The completed form will be received by Tina Hart.
  2. Please email two images for the Switchboard to Tina Hart at  For the first, a JPEG of whatever you would like to be in the upper left corner of the SB (such as Santa Clara's logo here, William's here, or Occidental's here).  This can be changed at any time.  For the second, we'd like a a high resolution image that is landscape oriented and is 1920px by 1080px, or bigger, for the Sign Up page (for ideas see: Reed College, The American School in London, or The Portland Startups Switchboard). This page will provide some initial education on what the Switchboard is and what its purpose is for new users (especially for users that organically get to the Switchboard to sign up), so an image that contains something that really lands with your community is best.  

If there are any questions through this configuration process, please reach out to Tina directly at

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