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Celebrating Switchboard Milestones and Anniversaries
Celebrating Switchboard Milestones and Anniversaries

It's important to celebrate your progress with your team and your community. Here's how some other partners have done so.

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Santa Clara University likes to celebrate its milestones with food, like these cupcakes they handed out upon reaching 1,000 users:

SCU also sent this email to their community to celebrate their first anniversary. In the span of about two weeks, the Santa Clara Switchboard saw over a 35% increase in users, over 100 new connections made, and over 65 new asks and offers. 

Santa Clara celebrated again when they hit 2,500 users by sharing 25 jars each filled with 100 yummy things with the team to thank them for their contributions:

Oberlin ran a "May Day" campaign around their Switchboard's first anniversary—it ultimately won a CASE Circle of Excellence Gold award.

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