Promoting Switchboard on Facebook

Sharing Switchboard in Facebook posts and ads—from official pages and your own accounts—is an important way to reach alumni where they are.

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Reports of Facebook's demise are greatly exaggerated. Posting about Switchboard on your alumni association, career services office, and primary Facebook pages are as important as giving it shout outs in your email newsletter. Here are some examples of how our partners are using Facebook posts and ads.

Oxy's decision to post on its main Facebook page was wise—it's often the best way to reach students, alumni, parents, and other members of your community. In general, they are more likely to have liked your primary page rather than a more specific page like that of an alumni association.

We helped Pitzer (and other partners, too) run Facebook ads for their Switchboard—with one ad targeted at students and one at alumni. Either of these ads would work as normal posts, too. (If you're interested in running Facebook ads, let us know.)

The team at Kenyon used Switchboard to connect with incoming freshmen in the class of 2021 by posting in the class of 2021 Facebook group:

The Oberlin team also posts about Switchboard in their student and alumni groups. Watching conversations and chiming in with a suggestions that they check it out is an organic way to drive activity on the platform:

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