How to Use Digest Inserts

How to use customizable inserts in the digest emails your community members receive weekly

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Digest inserts are an excellent and unobtrusive way to reach members of your Switchboard. Half of active members' primary way of interacting with Switchboard is by reading the weekly digest of Switchboard activity they receive by email.

To create a digest insert, navigate to the Admin menu, then Outreach > Digest Inserts. Click "New Digest Insert" to get started. As you create your digest insert, you'll see a preview of what it will look like:

You can choose which member segments you want to receive the insert in their digest, and how long you want the insert to be included in digests. Remember that weekly email digests are sent on Wednesdays, so if you don't include a Wednesday in that date range, it won't appear in the weekly email digest that most members receive.

Here is an example of how Switchboard partners have used email digests in the past:

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