Tabling for Your Switchboard

Tabling for your Switchboard is the quintessential way to grow your community and stay in tune with student and alumni needs

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Showing up to promote your Switchboard in person is vital to its long-term success, especially early on in its life. It gives you an opportunity to practice your pitch, recruit and educate students and alumni, and learn what members of your community are looking for.

Equally as important as your tabling setup is the effort you put into marketing your presence, as Pitzer College demonstrated with its posters and cut-out cards:

These materials ensured that the Pitzer team's tabling session was a success:

Kenyon College used a homecoming game as an opportunity to promote Switchboard:

Kenyon also created an annual Dogs & Donuts event "sponsored" by their Switchboard:

Oberlin College printed out cards/scripts to make tabling conversations go more smoothly. This approach can help you avoid bottlenecks when your table gets crowded:

And we can't go without mentioning the original, far simpler tabling operation that got the first-ever Switchboard off the ground at Reed College;

What's most important is that you get out there and talk to people!

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