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Creating a permanent page perpetually promotes your Switchboard

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One of the most efficient ways you can market your Switchboard is by having a landing page that exists on an institutional page that your community often sees.  For example, many Switchboards have a prominent link on the Alumni Relations homepage for their Switchboard, which, when clicked, takes users to the landing page.  Once on the landing page, users get a sense of what the Switchboard is, as well as how to sign up; the landing page can serve as a conduit in some respects.

The landing page can also be shared with other offices for edification to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page around what the Switchboard is and how community members can get involved.

University of Portland has a very simple landing page.
William & Mary blended a written description of Switchboard with a how-to video.
Williams took a more descriptive approach to their landing page.
Occidental took a step-by-step approach to their landing page.
Western States, Santa Clara, and Seattle Pacific used a mix of FAQs, video, imagery, and other interesting points to make their landing pages more descriptive without using too much text.

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