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Hiring a student to serve as Switchboard ambassador
Hiring a student to serve as Switchboard ambassador

Students serving as ambassadors can help you get your Switchboard started by getting other students to post

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Job Title: Switchboard Ambassador

Job Purpose: In order for Switchboard to reach its full potential in being a place where the community can dependably connect with each other around asks and offer of all kinds, the Switchboard needs sustained adoption, post creation, and post support. Institutional offices will be taking on the lion’s share of this work, but Switchboard Ambassadors will help accelerate this process of developing Switchboard into a self-sustaining community. To accomplish this, Switchboard Ambassadors will support Switchboard administrators in adoption of new users, generating of new asks and offers, and supporting existing asks and offers to build momentum towards a self-supporting Switchboard community.

Job Description: 

What is a Switchboard Ambassador? 

Switchboards are powered by real humans that are a part of real communities and look for support and to support that each other in a variety of ways. To continually foster the growth and activity of this community, special community members serve an integral role in realizing the potential of the Switchboard and providing real value to the community. These folks are generally motivated and make things happens, people connectors, know their way around the Switchboard and are excited about what it can do, and feel rewarded by helping the community they love. In Switchboard parlance, these people are called Ambassadors.

Ambassador duties

As an Ambassador you will have a direct hand in fostering the growth and activity of the Switchboard and earn money that can be used in myriad ways to benefit the community, and being an Ambassador is straightforward. Ultimately, you will enlist community members to sign up for Switchboard, encourage new and existing users to create posts, and spread the word about the community and its asks and offers. You’ll be trained in effective strategies for doing this, but you will also have the freedom to be creative to accomplish this supportive work.

How much of a time commitment is being an Ambassador?

Every community takes a different amount of time to foster, depending on the stage it’s at in its development, but you should expect to spend about 2-4 hours a month to accomplish the Ambassador duties. 

Next Steps

If you are interested in being an Ambassador, we’d love to connect to get acquainted with you and talk about next steps. Feel free to reach out to us at

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