Commencement, and the days that lead up to it, is the last chance you have to introduce seniors to Switchboard on campus.

It's a busy, chaotic time for seniors and their families, but the right approach can pay off.

In the earliest days of Reed Switchboard, we engaged graduating seniors the day of commencement rehearsal by taking their photos. We asked them to write their passion on a giant blackboard and pose for a photo in front of it. Then we gave them a business card and invited them to post about their passion on Switchboard. You can find the entire project here.

Denison University wanted to leverage the spirit and enthusiasm around graduation to bolster their Switchboard, so they created this email and sent it just before graduation to their entire alumni community.  Before they sent this email, they also took some time to promote their Switchboard to their graduating class, and the combination of these two actions led to some significant adoption and engagement. In just one week, Denison added over 400 new members (a 64% increase), saw over 40 new high-value posts,  and over 100 new connections, all of which added significant momentum heading into the summer break.

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