Leveraging Annual Events

Worksheet to help organize Switchboard engagement around annual events

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Every year, there are events that capture the collective attention of your community. Whether they’re traditional events, like graduation or the December holiday season, or unique annual events that only your community celebrates, such as special senior events in the Spring term, our most successful Stewards have established their Switchboard as an important part of those events. For example, graduation is one of the most important annual events for all higher education institutions, as it is the culmination of years of work and the official mark of transition into the next phase people’s lives. As people decide what their next steps are, they have questions and needs they want help meeting, and there are also people who understand the stress of that time and want to lend a hand. Switchboard supports the community perfectly around these times, and having a way to leverage these events will provide a dependable foundation for growth and use of your Switchboard year after year.  

Use this worksheet to establish the framework and details needed to pair your Switchboard with annual events.  Using this framework, as well as committing to having your Switchboard play a role in these events year after year, will solidify a fundamental element of long-term adoption and engagement, and ultimately success, on your Switchboard.

Action Items

  1. Click on the link to the worksheet and print the worksheet

  2. Fill out the worksheet to map out events where Switchboard can be promoted and details for promoting Switchboard

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