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Example position description for student/alum moderators
Example position description for student/alum moderators
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Bringing on students and/or alumni to help steward your Switchboard community is a great idea. It can provide capacity for a small office, introduce a new network of people to your Switchboard, ensure those making asks and offers feel responded to, and jumpstart activity. You can see a more on the benefits of bringing on students or alums and some general tips HERE.  

If you've decided to bring on some additional help and would like some inspiration, here's the position description the University of Western States used for their Switchboard Ambassador:

Even if you don't have a dedicated person to assist, including some bullet points on stewarding your Switchboard in an existing position description can be helpful. Here are some that Santa Clara University includes: 

  • Monitoring Switchboard and chiming in where they can help 

  • Weekly verifying new users - confirming their affiliation in our database

  • Sending any new email addresses collected through Switchboard to our demographics department

  • Uploading verified constituent IDs into Switchboard so we can track interactions in Evertrue

  • Creating two Tweets a week about posts on Switchboard for our alumni audience

  • (occasionally) Tabling in the student union or at student events

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