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Responding to Posts on Switchboard
Responding to Posts on Switchboard

How to increase member engagement

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Responding to members on Switchboard is what creates a warm feeling of community, and encouragers users to utilize Switchboard again and again. 

We know the easiest way to engage with a post is to give it a "heart", which is a great way of letting a poster know you care. However, we believe that going the extra step to create a public comment is incredibly valuable. 

We have a golden rule at Switchboard that says: A resource for every ask. A thank you for every offer.

But sometimes it can be hard to think about a response for all posts. For a little inspiration, take a peek at this slideshow for different ideas on responding to posts!

As always, we're here to help brainstorm additional ways you can help keep your
 Switchboard community thriving. 

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