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Using Campaigns to communicate with your community
Using Campaigns to communicate with your community

How to make banner announcements to specific segments of your Switchboard using the Campaigns feature

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Hundreds of engaged members of your community might visit your Switchboard every week, and that presents an excellent opportunity for you to reach them with news or an unobtrusive call to action. Switchboard's Campaigns feature lets you show an announcement banner to members of your Switchboard—all of them at once, or just to specific member segments you've created in the member directory.

To launch a Campaign banner, navigate to Outreach > Campaigns in the Admin dropdown menu:

On the Campaigns page, you'll see a list of active, scheduled, and expired campaigns, including stats on how many people saw and clicked on the Campaign banner.

To launch a new campaign, click the "Schedule New Campaign" button at the bottom of the page. There you can design your Campaign banner. The banner will display to all members by default; if you want to show it to a specific segment, select one you've already created from the Target Audience dropdown menu.

To see what your Campaign banner will look like before launching, just hit the Preview button. Here's what the form as filled out above looks like as a final product:

Members targeted by the Campaign will see the banner on your Switchboard until they hit the up arrow on the right side of the banner to dismiss it. Pro tip: You can run multiple Campaign banners at the same time and show each one to a different segment of your Switchboard members.

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