Sometimes, one set of categories doesn't give your community enough options for... categorizing their posts.

We created custom post categories/properties so you can add additional layers of categorization to the Asks and Offers on your Switchboard.

To create a custom post category, navigate to Admin > Settings, and scroll down to this interface:

Create a custom category by adding a name and options separated with line breaks and then click "Save Changes."

(If you want to delete a custom post category you have created, check the "Remove?" box and then click "Save Changes." This will delete the custom category irrevocably.)

This is what the above entry looks like on the post creation form:

Members can select one or more custom categories to add to their post. Unlike standard categories, members do not have to select a custom categories in order to make a post. (If you're interested in that being an option, let us know.)

When a custom category has been selected on a post, it displays beneath selected topics on the post itself:

Custom post categories are also searchable under the "More" dropdown in the search and filters interface:

This is a new feature. If you have feedback, please let us know!

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